It is essential that an accurate diagnosis be established for your pain condition, so that appropriate treatment may be provided. This may seem obvious to you, but unfortunately, treatment often provided is generic in nature, without a precise diagnosis.

The assessment begins with a thorough pain questionnaire that you will be asked to complete before your initial appointment. A comprehensive review of your history is the starting point in establishing a diagnosis, the probable cause of your problem, and in the development of an appropriate treatment plan. After this history review, a clinical examination will be performed, including specific tests for the muscles and joints of the jaw area. Other physical examinations may be required by other members of our clinic, such as physical therapy, for assessment of the neck and shoulder area.

Further tests may be required, including radiographs, MRI, etc.

Once a working diagnosis is established, a treatment plan will be developed appropriate for your condition. As you proceed through your program, you will be re-assessed and modification of your treatment plan may be required.