About Our Practice

Calgary Pain Management Centre Ltd. provides inter-disciplinary pain management, with our primary focus being head, neck, facial, and TMJ pain.  Dr. Galib Shariff, a dentist, serves as President and Clinical Director.  Our staff also includes physical therapists and a psychologist.  Inter-disciplinary treatment involves treating the individual as a whole person, through a team approach, taking into consideration all physical, psychological, and social components of an individual’s pain experience.  Dr. Shariff performs the initial review of your concerns and the examination, with the other associates performing their assessments as required.

The treatment plan is individualized specifically to your needs, and provided in a time and cost-effective manner by the various associates in our clinic.  Dr. Shariff will oversee the treatment, and perform re­evaluations on a regular basis.  There is constant communication between all of the practitioners in the clinic, who share a common philosophy.  This allows you, the patient, to benefit from their combined knowledge and years of experience.